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Barclay Butera Carpets Collection
Desert Damask - Russet
Origin: India or China.

Content: Available in 100% New Zealand Semi Worsted Wool, Wool and Viscose or All Viscose.

Quality: Handtufted, Indo or Sino Available.

Standard Sizes Only.
  • Base Color
    - T13 wool cut
    Design Color
    - T3 wool cut
  • This is a hand tufted product. Natural irregularities, shading, and striations may appear in this carpet. These are inherent characteristics of hand tufted carpet and are not to be considered manufacturing defects.
  • Due to weaving technique, rug sizes 8' x 10' or less - design scale will remain the same.

    Greater than 8' x 10' - design scale will be enlarged.

List price: 
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Lead time: 
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Available in *
Grey:Light Greys, Dark Greys
Textiles/ Fibers:Viscose, Wool, Viscose / Wool Blend
* The options affect the price and lead time of the item
Width 8 ft., Depth 10 ft.

Ref.Desert Damask - Russet