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Eastern - Online Program Collection
Manjra - Ruby
Content: Wool,

Quality: Hand Knotted 100 Knot CT

Available Sizes:
4x6 6x9 8x10 9x12 10x14 12x15 12x18 12x24 14x28

Runners Available:
2.6x6 3.6x6 2.6x8 3.6x8 2.6x10 3.6x10 2.6x12 3.6x12 2.6x20 3.6x20 2.6x22 3.6x22 6x10 6x12

In Stock and Custom Sizes Available, please download PDF or inquire for additional information.

List price: 
contact showroom

Lead time: 
contact Kravet

Available in *
Brown:Red Browns, Dark Browns
Tan and Beige:Light Tans and Beiges
Textiles/ Fibers:Wool
* The options affect the price and lead time of the item

Ref.Manjra/C- Ruby